7-Week Emotional Resilience Programme

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or just looking for a fresh perspective, this 7-week Emotional Resilience programme is a deeply transformative process designed to boost your emotional intelligence, empower resilience and unlock hidden layers of growth and potential.

At the core of this programme is the belief that emotional resilience is key to a fulfilling life. And through a blend of experiential learning, guided reflection, and practical tools, you will be able to develop a more resilient mindset, cultivate presence, and build effective strategies to foster personal growth and empowerment, be it in your personal or professional life.

The 7-week Emotional Resilience Programme is in a hybrid format, and combines five in-person weekly Systemic Constellations Workshops, including a dedicated ‘Issue Holder’ Constellation, and four 1:1 online sessions, 

Led by Felicia Biekarck, a seasoned Systemic facilitator and highly skilled Peacebuilding Agent, the Systemic Constellations workshops will offer a safe and dynamic space for you to engage and explore the underlying dynamics that influence emotions and behaviours. 

This will equip you with insights and understanding that facilitate a deeply transformative process, the release of unhelpful patterns, and allows you to reclaim inner strength.

The dedicated online sessions are held on Zoom, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with Felicia one-on-one and receive personalized guidance and support as you navigate your own journey. 

If you feel a call, take a powerful step and kick-start this process of growth and transformation that will stay with you long after the programme has ended. It’s certainly an investment in yourself, but consequently also an investment in all the relationships in your life,

Previous participants have experienced remarkable breakthroughs, overcoming feelings of overwhelm, stagnation, anxiety patterns, sleeplessness, saw difficult relationships transform, and gained new resources to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and clarity.


Week 1: Online one-to-one - Onboarding session

Week 2-6: Weekly workshops and two online sessions, to be booked before and after your dedicated ‘Issue-Holder’ Constellation.

Week 7: Online one-to-one - Debrief Session

Weekly Workshops last about 3h, and you can choose the time/location that suits you best, depending on availability. Small group sizes between 4-8 participants. To read more on the workshops, please click here.

Once you start, Felicia will discuss with you date options for your dedicated ‘Issue Holder’ Constellation, and your Prep and Debrief 1:1 online sessions will be then booked accordingly. Here is a link to read more about Systemic Constellations.

The online sessions last 50min and can be booked throughout the week at best available times.

Felicia runs several editions of the programme across central London.

Workshops typically take place on weekdays AM 10:15-13:45 or PM 18:30-21:30.

For 2024 dates and availability, please reach out on WhatsApp 02071930696 or email felicia@vivenda.space


Although it’s recommended that you attend all workshops, it’s totally understandable if you need to miss a date or two, and arrangements can be made to rebook you into a different date or location.

Privacy and confidentiality are core values of Felicia’s work, and the workshops are designed to enable participants to be fully engaged and present without any need to share about personal life experiences.

If you’d like to do join the programme but group settings are not for you, consider opting for a sequence of private sessions 1:1 with Felicia, face-to-face in London or online worldwide. Felicia is fluent in English, Portuguese, German, and has great conversational Spanish.

“I really enjoyed all the time spent there, and it really helped me to bring to light a lot of my things that I was not even aware of. So thank you, Felicia, for everything you did! 😘😘🤗🤗”

“Thank you! I really loved it. So good to find a way to tackle some deep stuff with others.  Thanks for holding space to make it feel safe enough for me to open up so much.”

“Honestly, it was so significant for me, this piece you held, I am struggling to find words…”

“I feel something happening in my background, in my mind, and even my body, but not something I can name.”

“I got a lot of clarity on some important aspects and relationships in my life, but it felt like the carpet had been swept off from underneath me. lol”

“Thank you so much for last night Felicia. I think you are a witch, and that’s a compliment.”

“I’m just sitting with it all. It was illuminating, revealing and refreshing✨I am feeling lighter and stronger through this process.🙏🏾”

“The session last night was incredible, like magic watching the others unknowingly taking on those roles in such profound ways…”

“Thank you. Have been walking around today unashamedly 🍓🍇🍒abundant and in gratitude 🙏🙏🙏”

“The journey has brought me to a place I could never have perceived to be possible. I never dreamt that I could feel how I feel now.”

“I can feel an internal energy shift, thank you so much for this wonderful loving gift.”

“Thank you for a really grounding & intriguing evening.”

“Amazing breakthroughs doing workshops. On more than one occasion I resolved deep shame and trauma.”

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