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Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing
Emotional Resilience Hybrid Programme

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or just looking for a fresh perspective, this hybrid Emotional Resilience Programme is a deeply transformative process designed to boost your emotional intelligence, empower resilience and unlock hidden layers of growth and potential.

Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing
Exploring Conflict, Communication and Peacebuilding in every day life.

In a dynamic and empowering way, this workshop will explore key aspects of the nature of conflict in everyday life and allow you to experience first-hand applicable principles to enhance wellbeing and promote positive relationships and life as it comes. Join me, Friday, 26th January 2024, 3 – 6 PM, London EC3

About Systemic Constellations

Systemic constellations, also known as family constellations, is a therapeutic approach that explores the hidden dynamics within systems such as families, organizations, or communities. It involves setting up a physical representation of the system using individuals or objects to uncover underlying patterns, relationships, and unresolved issues. By gaining insights into these systemic dynamics, individuals can gain clarity, healing, and a more profound understanding of themselves and their place within the systems they belong to.

Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing
Systemic Constellations Workshops, London

Unlock insights and empower emotional health, discover Systemic Constellations, a brilliant way to release unhelpful patterns and claim back your inner power.

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