Exploring Conflict, Communication and Peacebuilding in every day life.

A Systemic Workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Peacebuilding

In a dynamic and empowering way, this workshop will explore key aspects of the nature of conflict in everyday life and allow you to experience first-hand applicable principles to enhance wellbeing and promote positive relationships in life as it comes.

26th January 2024
    3 – 6 PM
London, EC3

From a holistic and systemic understanding of emotional intelligence and interpersonal dynamics, Felicia will share refreshing new perspectives to inspire and activate your inner strength. 

Resting on the belief that whatever we cultivate will grow in strength. This workshop is an invitation for us to take a moment and explore key aspects of the nature of interpersonal conflict, understand the fundamental power of autonomy, and experience some applicable principles of peacebuilding to enhance emotional health and wellbeing in life.

The workshop will be held at a beautiful studio in St Helen’s Place, London EC3 (nearest tube Liverpool St (or Monument)).

Join in, be inspired, activate your power!

What to expect?

An insightful and dynamic experience in a carefully curated environment.
The workshop will include centring and grounding exercise, tailored group dynamics, and interactive learnings to empower connection and inner strength. 

In-person, small group, open to all people who share a sincere interest in personal development and growth.

Is anything required?

There are no special requirements. Just bring yourself, and a bottle of water.

About Felicia?

Felicia V. Biekarck is a Peacebuilding Agent specialized in Conflict Interventions, Dispute Resolution and Emotional Health. She acts as a Mediator and Conflict Coach when things get tough, and facilitates private sessions and workshops in holistic therapies to promote Emotional Resilience and Intelligence development.

Felicia is an internationally qualified Mediator (MSoM/CMC), Restorative Practitioner (RJC), and a seasoned facilitator in Systemic Constellations (TSFI/ ISCA), as well as an accredited complementary health practitioner in Energy Healing Therapy (BAHA/CNHC).

If you have any questions, reach out to Felicia on WhatsApp +442071930696 or email felicia@vivenda.space. Here, happy to help.

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