Emotional Resilience Hybrid Programme

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or just looking for a fresh perspective, this Emotional Resilience Hybrid Programme is a deeply transformative process designed to cleanse the emotional clutter that accumulates over time and reset your connection with your inner strength.

Boost your emotional intelligence, empower resilience and unlock hidden layers of growth and potential. Start now, the future is yours to take!

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The Emotional Resilience Programme is an immersive experience in Systemic Resonance & Constellations designed to cleanse emotional clutter, boost emotional intelligence, empower resilience, and unlock hidden layers of growth and potential.

Led by Felicia Biekarck, a seasoned Systemic facilitator and Peacebuilding Agent, this unique programme offers a safe and dynamic space for engaging and exploring the underlying dynamics that influence our emotions and behaviours.

How it works:

The Emotional Resilience Programme is in a hybrid format and will combine five in-person Systemic Workshops, including a dedicated ‘Issue Holder’ Constellation, with 1:1 individual sessions online.

And to accommodate for different lifestyles and needs, there are two time-frame options are available:

  • A 7-week ‘Fast-track’ intensive, for those who like to take things head on, or


  • A 5-month ‘Cool-stride’ process, for those who appreciate a more gradual progression.
What makes this programme unique?

At the heart of the programme is the belief that emotional resilience is the key to a balanced and fulfilling life. And through a blend of experiential learning, guided reflection, and practical tools, you’ll gain insights and understanding that facilitate a deeply transformative and healing process in a very unique way. Releasing unhelpful patterns and allowing you to reclaim your centre and inner strength.


What to expect:

Significantly improve your sense of wellbeing, develop a more resilient mindset, cultivate presence, and gain effective strategies for growth and empowerment, both in personal and professional life.


The impact:

Previous participants share remarkable breakthroughs – overcoming emotional overwhelm, transforming relationships, and gaining new resources to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and clarity. Take their words (anonymous in order to preserve their privacy).

“I really enjoyed all the time spent there, and it really helped me to bring to light a lot of my things. So thank you, Felicia, for everything you did! 😘😘🤗🤗”

“The journey has brought me to a place I could never have perceived to be possible. I never dreamt that I could feel how I feel now.”

“I can feel an internal energy shift, thank you so much for this wonderful, loving gift.”

“Amazing breakthroughs doing workshops. On more than one occasion, I resolved deep shame and trauma.”

“Thank you! I really loved it. So good to find a way to tackle some deep stuff. Thanks for holding space to make it feel safe.”

“Honestly, it was so significant for me, this piece you held, I am struggling to find words…”

“I got a lot of clarity on some important aspects and relationships in my life…”

“I’m just sitting with it all. It was illuminating, revealing, and refreshing ✨ I am feeling lighter and stronger through this process.🙏🏾”

“Thank you. Have been walking around today unashamedly 🍓🍇🍒abundant and in gratitude 🙏🙏🙏”

Programme structure and prices: 

7-week ‘Fast-track’ – £570* Special Offer (£925 regular price)
Includes five weekly Systemic Workshops and four Individual 1:1 follow-up Sessions Online – 60min 

  • Week 1: Online only – individual session
  • Week 2-6: Hybrid
    (Five weekly workshops, plus two individual online sessions to be booked around your dedicated ‘Issue Holder’ Constellation)
  • Week 7: Online only – individual session.


5-Month ‘Cool-stride’ – £240*/monthly subscription.
Sessions every other week, alternating between In-person Systemic Workshops and Online Individual 1:1 Sessions. 

  • one monthly Individual 1:1 session Online. 90min (5 sessions in total)
  • one monthly Systemic Workshop, (5 workshops in total, including one dedicated ‘Issue Holder’ Constellation throughout the program).

*prices subject to change.

When and where:

Individual 1:1 sessions are bookable throughout the week at best available times. These dedicated online sessions, are held on Zoom, and offer the opportunity to work one-on-one with Felicia, receiving personalized guidance and support as you navigate your own journey. 

The Systemic Workshops are small group workshops of 4-10 participants and last approx. 3h each.

Evening workshops are available weekly on Thursdays 6:45pm in Clapham Common, SW4. These are suitable for both the ‘7-week Fast-track’ and the ‘5-month Cool-stride’ programme options. 

Daytime monthly workshops are available for the 5-month ‘Cool-stride’ programme only.

For details and availability, please contact Felicia via email or WhatsApp


Although attending all workshops is recommended, flexibility is offered for missed dates with rebooking options.

Privacy and confidentiality:

Your privacy is paramount. Felicia ensures a confidential and safe environment for participants to fully engage without the need to share personal life experiences.

Tailored Options:

If group settings aren’t your preference, ‘private sessions only’ process with Felicia is also available, either face-to-face in London or online worldwide. Felicia is fluent in English, Portuguese, German, and conversational Spanish.

Take a powerful step and kick-start this healing process of growth and transformation. It’s an investment in yourself and all the relationships in your life.

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