Interpersonal Conflict

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Client Testimonials

"It really helped me to bring to light a lot of my things that I wasn't even aware of." 

"So good to find a way to tackle some deep stuff."

"Thank you! Wasn't easy, but really loved it."

"Thanks for holding space and making me feel safe enough to open up and shift."

"Feels like there is a progress in me. And I love it ♥️"

"Thank you for the intriguing experience!"

"What a valuable opportunity for me to open the
emotional door to myself."

"I've really enjoyed all the time spent, groundbreaking!"

"I’m just sitting with it all. It was illuminating, revealing and refreshing!" 

"I am feeling lighter and stronger through this process."

"Thank you so much, Felicia. I think you are a witch, and that’s a compliment."

Real words from real people.

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