Unlock insights and empower emotional health, discover Systemic Constellations, a brilliant way to release unhelpful patterns and claim back your inner power.

Led by Felicia Biekarck, a Peacebuilding Agent with extensive experience as a facilitator, the Systemic Constellations workshops create a safe and supportive environment that is deeply insightful, transformative, and liberating. Helping you breakthrough limiting systemic patterns that might be holding you back.

Who is it for?

It’ll suit anyone wishing to boost emotional intelligence, resilience and healthy relationships in personal or professional life.
It doesn’t matter if you are new to Systemic Constellations or have previous experience, the workshops welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life, who share a genuine wish for personal-development and growth.

What to expect?

An engaging, insightful, dynamic, and gentle approach that only requires you to be present and attentive to your feelings. A well-tested and safe framework designed to explore and understand underlying dynamics that influence our emotional wellbeing.
The workshops have a duration of approximately 3 hours and are delivered in a contained and respectful environment.

Will I have to share about my personal life?

Privacy and confidentiality are core values of Felicia’s work, and the workshops are designed to enable participants to be fully engaged and present without any need to share about personal life experiences.

What are Systemic Constellations?

Systemic Constellations, also known as Family Constellations, is a simple and fascinating technique that enables a deep connection to emotional intelligence. It allows access to underlying emotional dynamics, that can empower emotional cognition and reshape narratives and behaviour response patterns.

Do I need to bring anything?

Your presence and a water bottle.

When and Where?

Weekly workshops run on Thursdays 6:45pm at the Light Centre Clapham. Click here to book your spot.

For other times and locations, please reach out to Felicia on WhatsApp 020719306696 to check availability.

Boost your emotional intelligence and resilience and join Felicia on a journey of discovery and transformation.

About is the facilitator?

Felicia Biekarck is a Peacebuilding Agent specialised in Conflict Resolution and Emotional Intelligence development, with extensive experience in facilitating Systemic Constellations sessions and workshops.

Felicia has an exquisite talent for allowing transformational processes to take place in a profound, sincere and gracious way. Reaching deep, with focus and clarity.

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