Systemic Resonance

A New Approach for Emotional Growth and Resilience


Traditional systemic constellations have always held a deep fascination for me. Their ability to bring to surface deep underlying emotional dynamics in our lives is incredibly powerful. But through my years of experience both as a client and as a facilitator in Systemic Constellations, and my work in Conflict Resolution, I’ve come to see potential within this modality that goes even further – this inspired the creation of Systemic Resonance.


What is Systemic Resonance?

Systemic Resonance builds on the core principles of Systemic Constellations but shifts the focus. Rather than investigating a specific ‘issue holder’s’ theme, it creates a shared experiential space. Here, participants explore their own internal experiences and metaphors without imposing anyone else’s interpretations onto them. This approach offers:

  • Privacy: An opportunity to build your own personal narrative free from outside interpretation
  • Future-Orientation: Focus on the present moment and moving forward
  • Agency: Encouraging autonomy and taking a proactive role in your growth
  • Trauma-Informed Approach: Carefully leading healing processes
  • Interactive Process: Transformation happens experientially, in a fully activated mind-body connection.



Focus on building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

My inspiration for this approach stems from my own astonishing experiences as a participant “resonator” (role-player) in traditional ‘Issue Holder’ constellations. There’s such deep potential for self-development in this role, and Systemic Resonance is designed to maximize these benefits for everyone involved. It cultivates:

  • Emotional Emancipation: The chance to release old, stuck emotional patterns
  • Emotional Gestures: Greater understanding of your own deep-rooted behaviors
  • Emotional-Psycho Development: Maturing your emotional intelligence
  • Self-regulation: Strengthening your mind-body connection
  • Engagement & Active Learning: Growing through experience



Beyond ‘Netflix-style’ Narratives

While classical ‘Issue Holder’ Constellations have a compelling ‘storytelling’ element, I find that Systemic Resonance prioritizes the personal inner journey. This focus fosters profound emotional literacy, enabling you to actively gain emotional intelligence and forge more nurturing and positive relationships, both personally and professionally.

Here, some key elements of Systemic Resonance workshops:

  • Participants “hold” their own themes privately, leading to a spontaneous emergent shared experience.
  • Each participant’s context stays private, fostering a deeper awareness of their own unique dynamics.
  • By observing your own internal narratives, you have the opportunity to update them, taking full autonomy over the process.
  • This process strengthens the mind-body connection and increases emotional fluency.


Ready to Dive Deeper?

If you’re looking to unlock your emotional intelligence, break free from old patterns, and build a more fulfilling life, Systemic Resonance and Constellations could be an incredible tool for you. Reach out and schedule a free introductory call with me to explore how it can support your journey.


The Emotional Resilience Programme

The Emotional Resilience Programme is a unique way to experience ‘Issue Holder’ Systemic Constellations and Systemic Resonance alongside each other, including personalized support of 1:1 sessions. Designed to integrate into your everyday life, this program helps you fully experience the transformative power of systemic work over approximately 3 months.