Promoting real change in real time.

With a mission to improve and transform the quality of interpersonal relationships, Felicia founded Vivenda, a space dedicated to building and disseminating peace.
Delivering specialized interventions and effective solutions to support productive collaborations and sustainable growth in personal, professional, and corporate life.

Key Areas of application


Specialised Conflict interventions

Vivenda Resolution Pathways unites expertise in interpersonal conflict resolution strategies, giving you the privacy and agility required to navigate and bring closure to complex and sensitive situations.


Emotional Intelligence Development

Vivenda EQ-Labs opens a space for people to train and develop emotional intelligence in an engaging and effective way. Building a skill set that stands second-to-none in allowing for positive relationships and resilience for personal and professional success.


Regenerative Peace Building

Building peace is not about being idealistic; it's about creating a safe and resilient enviroments for tangible and sustainable growth.

Meet Felicia

Ready to take a positive step forward? Get in touch and receive a complimentary consultation.

Vivenda Resolution Pathways

  • Mediation Services
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Restorative Practices


Felicia’s expertise will guide you through the best way forward.

Vivenda Systemic Labs

  • Programmes
  • Workshops
  • Private sessions 
  • In-house training


A systemic and trauma-informed approach to enhance emotional intelligence and resilience.

The values we live by

A systemic and trauma-informed approach to enhance emotional intelligence and resilience.


Item #1


Essential for maintaining personal autonomy, dignity, and freedom, privacy and confidentiality are cornerstones of Felicia's work as they provide the best foundation for solid results.


A key ingredient to building trust. Integrity is the quality of being truthful without compromising one's beliefs or values, which is a crucial factor for sound decision taking.


The tangible evidence of progress is an indicator of the effectiveness of our actions. The value of results lies in their ability to inspire us to strive and bring about meaningful change.


The most powerful aspect of life. Collaborations can enhance our lives when productive, but be costly and harmful when unproductive. Valuing the quality of collaborations is key to success in any endeavour.

What services do you offer?
  • Specialized interventions for interpersonal conflict and disputes resolution. Addressing sensitive and complex situations, be it in business, leadership, workplace or private life. After all, we are all humans.
  • Programmes, workshops and private sessions for emotional resilience and intelligence development. Building essential skills to support personal and professional growth.
  • Conflict intervention services are priced on a base rate of £185* per hour/party, with typically a minimum of 10 hours initial booking fee. Please reach out to Felicia to discuss your case and receive a tailored quotation.
  • 1:1 Conflict Coaching and Private Sessions, offered online or in-person, are priced from £110* per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours bookings.
  • Hybrid 7-week Emotional Resilience Programme starts from £570* per participant.
  • Drop-in tickets for weekly Systemic Resonance and Constellations Workshop start from as little as £35* per participant.
  • For in-house training, please reach out to Felicia to discuss your needs and receive a tailored quotation.

*prices subject to change.

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