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Category: Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing

About Systemic Resonance

Systemic Resonance A New Approach for Emotional Growth and Resilience   Traditional systemic constellations have always held a deep fascination for me. Their ability to

Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing
Exploring Conflict, Communication and Peacebuilding in every day life.

In a dynamic and empowering way, this workshop will explore key aspects of the nature of conflict in everyday life and allow you to experience first-hand applicable principles to enhance wellbeing and promote positive relationships and life as it comes.

About Systemic Constellations

Systemic constellations, also known as family constellations, is a therapeutic approach that explores the hidden dynamics within systems such as families, organizations, or communities. It involves setting up a physical representation of the system using individuals or objects to uncover underlying patterns, relationships, and unresolved issues. By gaining insights into these systemic dynamics, individuals can gain clarity, healing, and a more profound understanding of themselves and their place within the systems they belong to.

Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing
Systemic Constellations + Resonance Workshops

Wishing you could navigate life with more clarity?
Join in! The Systemic Resonance + Constellations Workshops are a refreshingly authentic and inspiring approach to unlock your strengths and build resilience in a profound, genuine, and transformative way.